Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've lost my dinky little Collins

I've lost my dinky little Collins English/Spanish dictionary that cost me about at Tesco; it was good times, regular and irregular Spanish verbs (59 of them) plus useful phrases within the entries - and it has into my pockets.  I replaced it with a thick published one that is so frustrating to use.  Not only does it seem never to have the word that I need but, for instance; the comprehensive explanation of Spanish grammar is in Spanish - interesting reading about their  "conjuncions" and "copulativas"!  Anglo-Saxon equivalents are...  At random, I came across the English word "LUFF"; the three Spanish words against this entry do not appear stressed the Spanish section of the website so I can wake guess that it has been included because of our forgiveness." past.  For anyone not familiar with this word, as a verb, as a lad it was explained to me thus, by an old sea dog, "when yer luffs yer puts yer 'elm dahn" and I've never forgotten.  OK?br />Students raising funds                                                                 and having funbr />Camoflage and flowers, notice the small sun-flowers          Lunch-time trystbr />Not children's toys                                                                         Cafe con piernas.  Coffee with legs - served by attractive young                                                                                                            ladies dressed in the minimum, reputedly serving more than                                                                                                            coffee.  Passe in Chile but the first one to just opened in Seattle                                                                                                           -look out Starbucks!!!br />Pavement cafe                                                                                Pavement marketbr />M.'s top floor apartment                                                                Council guardsbr />Gasolinera - public seating.                                                        Gasolinera - 24 hoursbr />The past - is alive and kicking future - has nowhere to parkbr />Feed the pigeons with Grandad                                                 and keep my traditions. in a jobbr />Fish market walk-in consultationsbr />Fish market worker's menusbr />Breakfast; how do you find your coffee?                                     Lunch - hot dogs with avocado